AIESEC-my personal experience travel to Argentina (part 2)

view into the sky from the plane

In the previous part of this article, I wrote about how in me the idea to go to Argentina, a bit of useful information about the country, buying tickets and booking hotels. In this part I will continue my story.

Madrid airport
Madrid airport

After a long wait of your flight to Sao Paulo at the airport, I finally waited him. Because I did not sleep the previous night, and already was close to midnight, it cost me a lot of effort not to sleep at the airport. I was afraid to miss your flight. And when I boarded the plane, then almost immediately fell asleep and slept the greater part of the flight.

greeting in the plane on the monitor screens
greeting in the plane on the monitor screens

Waking up in the morning, I realized that, despite the 12-hour flight, the flight was one of the best in my life-I get enough sleep and rest. In the morning, when brought breakfast, I even so relaxed that experienced a sense of freedom and joy, yet had coffee at a height of 10000 metres and admired dawn.

dawn of the aircraft window
dawn of the aircraft window
views of the clouds from aircraft
views of the clouds from aircraft

After a successful landing at the airport in Sao Paulo, I had to resolve the issue with the exchange of money and as cheaply as possible to reach the bus terminal Rodoviario tiete, and I can go to the city of Foz do Iguacu, located next to the Iguazu waterfalls, on the border with Argentina and Paraguay. How I solved this problem, I wrote an article which will be useful to those who arrive in Sao Paulo (eng. Sao Paulo).

the airport bus to the city of São Paulo
the airport bus to the city of São Paulo

Having received my luggage, I discovered that the flight was not for him so easy, as for me, my suitcase handle broke. A little later in the subway has broken and the second, so I managed to feel sorry that took so many things. Fortunately, one Pen still remained intact and slightly eased me of my journey.

my broken suitcase
my broken suitcase

Brazil met me rainy, but warm weather and friendly people. Happened many times, that I sought help to someone, and he did not know the answer and immediately turned to another passerby to ask.
Prices in Brazil still seem high, but it’s all because of our dollar. For example, the price of public transport, including Metro, was 3.80 Real Madrid. This 1 dollar on our money. Although the situation with the dollar occurred not only in our country. In Brazil and Argentina for the last year and a half dollar has also become almost in 2 times cheaper in relation to the United States dollar.
Arriving by bus, and then the subway to the bus terminal, I wondered how it was great and how many companies offering a variety of routes to Brazil and neighbouring countries-Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina. Finding the right direction for me, I bought a ticket to the Iguazu waterfalls through the company Pluma, which cost me 200 real. The city of Foz do Iguacu from Sao Paulo, about 1100 kilometers. Since I didn’t have much time left and the street was rain, I decided not to leave the Terminal and explore destinations where and for how much you can leave. I wrote about this in a separate article with photos and prices.

Bus Terminal Tietê in São Paulo
Bus Terminal Tietê in São Paulo

About what I expected in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, to read in my next article «AIESEC-my personal experience travel to Argentina (part 3)»

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls


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