How to cross the border from Brazil to Argentina by bus

bus from Brazil to Argentina

In this article I’ll talk about how I moved the border on a bus from Foz do Iguacu in Brazil to Puerto Iguassu in Argentina. In fact, everything here is pretty simple, but having read the article, you’ll have a better idea about this.
The bus crosses the border is only 4 real and sent from the bus terminal of the city centre To Foz do Iguaçu, next to which are the Iguazu falls Brazilian side. The last bus departs at 7 pm and they go at intervals of approximately 30 minutes. This stop is located on the edge of the Terminal on the right side. Normally there can be found several tourists with large backpacks, also waiting for the bus.

A bus across the border from Brazil to Argentina
A bus across the border from Brazil to Argentina
tourists waiting for a bus in Argentina
tourists waiting for a bus in Argentina

The bus you will get something like a check, which allows you to avoid paying fares for the second time after passing customs control, so save it.
To go no more than 20 minutes. Get ready to go out and stay closer to the rear exit. Personally, I was not ready for it and thought that the bus will stop at the border and all of it will go. In fact, in the bus usually go only to the Argentines and Brazilians, and they do not need to dwell here, to go through passport control, so they did not go from the bus. Fortunately for me, a man in the bus noticed that I don’t look like a local and shouted to the driver to wait until I leave. Despite the fact that the bus was full, it turned out except me only two foreigners from France, for whom this was a surprise and they were not ready to quit. So, not to wade in a rush through the crowd to the rear exit and even more so with suitcases, pushing all in its path, be prepared for the release in advance. After you exit the bus, go into the room across the street. Here are usually few people, and to put a stamp on what you leave Brazil, takes no more than a minute.

room for passport control
room for passport control
exit stamp from Brazil
exit stamp from Brazil
border crossing point: Brazil
border crossing point: Brazil

Now you need to again wait for the bus. Here I had to give the driver a ticket saved up front and then go through the back door, which is more convenient with suitcases, as always in front of the door are the turnstiles.
You then go about a mile. Here is passport control, where you put a stamp on entry to Argentina and check your luggage. It is best to try to make it faster and to have time to sit down in the same bus, otherwise, the following have to wait another 20 minutes.

the bridge over the river Iguazu
the bridge over the river Iguazu
stamped on entry to Argentina.
stamped on entry to Argentina.
border crossing Argentina
border crossing Argentina
border crossing point from Brazil to Argentina
border crossing point from Brazil to Argentina

Bus will take you to the Terminal Terminal de Omnibus, located in Puerto Iguazu, from which you can already go to Buenos Aires, Cordoba and many other cities. I had to go to Buenos Aires. Beating all of the ticket office, it became clear that the price is the same everywhere and for March 2016 year was 1350 Argentine pesos if you pay by credit card, and 1080 pesos-if paying cash. This price includes water and 1 lunch on the road. Buses run regularly.

 ticket selling bus tickets
ticket selling bus tickets
ticket booking offices in Brazil and other destinations
ticket booking offices in Brazil and other destinations

If you need to change money, then you can do it here at 25 and 26, but not the best course. It is best to bring dollars in cash. I have had Brazilian reais. For example, at the bus station exchange rate for 1 Real Madrid was 3.5 pesos. In a 10-minute walking distance there is a place called Cambio Dick. There was already an exchange rate 3.7 pesos per 1 real, although it is not the best option.

Ticket Office, where you can exchange money
Ticket Office, where you can exchange money

I bought a ticket for half an hour before the departure of the bus. My bus was 17:45 and arrived at Retiro bus terminal in Buenos Aires in 12:00 days.

bus from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires
bus from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires

Hotels in Puerto Iguazu

If you cannot buy a ticket on the same day, here you can easily find a place to sleep. Within walking distance from the bus terminal there are several good hostels and hotels. For example, for those who prefer the more expensive and comfortable hotels, good hotel can be a 4 * Hotel Saint George with swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and massage therapist services. Prices in this hotel starting from 4500 rubles, if you book through

Cheaper option, but also quite comfortable will be Casa 24 Puerto Iguazu, where you can book your apartment with patio from 2600 EUR/night.

For fans staying in hostels, most budget option located in the immediate vicinity is the hotel Marcopolo Inn Iguazu. It is possible to book a bed in 6 person room costs from just 570 rubles per night.
View more options of hotels in Puerto Iguassu and the book at this link.

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