AIESEC Internship in Argentina (part 3)

In the previous article I finished my story on what the Terminal Tietê in Sao Paulo I bought a bus ticket to the Iguazu waterfalls.
The bus journey from Sao Paulo (eng. Sao Paulo) to Faz To Iguazu falls (eng. Foz do Iguacu) took 4:00 pm. The bus was pretty comfortable, so here all night I also managed to get some sleep. Already at the first stop, I asked the driver to my baggage, because very cold. In spite of the fact that long distance and in Brazil and Argentina in the class of semi-cama, plaids have been refused. But they are ruthlessly used air conditioners. So what about his blankets, or at least warm clothing, it should be taken care of in advance. More detail about how I got from Sao Paulo to Foz do Iguasu, I described in another article, with photos of the landscape outside the window.

landscape from a bus window
landscape from a bus window

Finally, we reached the goal of the city of Foz do Iguaçu, located on the border with Paraguay and Argentina, 20 minutes from the famous waterfalls. I'm not booked in advance nor the hotel nor the hostel though, and found one very decent hostel CLH Suites Foz do Iguacu on website priced from $ 8 per night, including breakfast. The fact of the matter is that a lot of traveling, I have long been aware of the portal couchserfing, where travelers worldwide are ready to share your home absolutely free with other travellers. I registered on the portal more than 2 years, but neither them nor took advantage, constantly by reserving hotels and hostels through And then I decided to try it.

Ibis hotel in Foz do Iguacu
Ibis hotel in Foz do Iguacu

Jairo was the first and only our couchsurfer whom I wrote while still in Russia, about 10 days before my trip. He almost immediately answered me and I agreed to take on day 1. We exchanged a few messages with him, he told me his what's up and address. Finding on the map, I realized that it is about 12 kilometres from the Centre and from the bus terminal and how exactly to get there, I was unknown. As replies to messages had to wait for 1-2 days, the last thing I asked was whether he was at home at about 10 am on March 3, when I arrive from Sao Paulo. Reply I don't have time to wait before your departure from Russia and further on the road to go online, was no longer possible.
So, arriving at the station, I had no confidence that I find his house, and if they find, whether catch him at home. I didn't have a local SIM card to call and there was no Internet. Coming out of the bus and taking your luggage, I did not move from their seats and even did not enter inside the Terminal. I opened my GPS (thankfully Nokia Lumia GPS works off-line) and started thinking what I better start and in what direction to go with my broken 23 kg suitcase. The locals I was not hoping, since few of them spoke English.

the city of Foz do Iguaçu, to
the city of Foz do Iguaçu, to

And so, after 5-10 minutes, I was approached by Jairo. I couldn't believe my eyes! He rode from home on avtobuse30-40 minutes to meet me and waited for me at Terminal 30 minutes. It was a great and a very pleasant surprise for me! As it turned out, he wrote to me that will meet me, but I have this message is no longer seen.
Jairo House we rode on two buses about 40 minutes. Travel by bus, incidentally, cheaper not-3.20 real, it almost 1 United States dollar. Jairo told me that he was 25 years old and he is originally from Ecuador. 6 children in his family and he is the most senior and the only one who went abroad to study. He studied for a year in the profession he has film and learn another 3 years. He pays for his studies and for rent houses which they filmed together with two friends-students for $ 250 a month. At night he works as a waiter in the bar, Jairo, to earn a living. Spanish is his native language. It's also good to know English, and for a year living in Brazil are well mastered the Portuguese. I for 3 day managed to master only "MUI the obrigado" which means thank you very much.
Jairo told me many interesting things about his country and made a list of places to visit in Ecuador, for example, the volcano, which lies in the crater lake where you can swim. Now in my plans clearly included to visit Ecuador, together with Peru.
The House that Jairo shoots with friends in the "Villa C" North of the city, next to the University and Itaipu. The area is quiet and calm. Almost everyone here in front of the House is growing a mango tree and guava.

Villa C neighbourhood
Villa C neighbourhood
friendly dog neighbors
friendly dog neighbors
Villa C district
Villa C district

Itaipu is a huge technical construction, hydroelectric power station, which supplies electricity to all parts of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the two largest metropolises of the country. On the same day, on the recommendation of Jairo, we went there on a trip, as I have no pity and has also written a separate article about this high-tech and large-scale construction, which can be read at this link.

Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam
Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam

In House 2 rooms Jairo, living room and kitchen. They have recently moved in, and there is almost no furniture. He even insisted that I slept on the only bed while he slept on a mattress on the floor. As the school year they have starts in mid-March after 2.5 months of vacation, while all have parted and he lived alone. It also allowed me to stay for 2 nights instead of one, as we agreed.

yard with front of House
yard with front of House
the façade of the House
the façade of the House
living room in the home of Jairo
living room in the home of Jairo

Back in Russia, I wrote to him that he wished that I had brought from Russia. First, the response was like Nothing … Thank you. You are welcome, Andrey, but then all the same wrote that he heard that a good vodka in Russia and asked to bring her. Except the vodka I presented him with Magnit and gingerbread gorodetsky Nizhny Novgorod. Unfortunately, I had nothing to give him. I can say that our gingerbread he appreciated and tried to remember his name, but the vodka decided to keep as a souvenir.

Jairo with carrot and a bottle of Russian vodka
Jairo with carrot and a bottle of Russian vodka

He then became interested in what city I am from and myself found online photos of Nizhny Novgorod. And if I always prefer photos summer landscape, although in winter, of course, also happens to be very beautiful, it is exactly like the winter landscape. After all, despite the fact that Brazil and Argentina also have winter (although it lasts from 18 June to 18 September) and the temperature at the border of these countries sometimes at night even drops to 0 degrees Celsius, the snow is only in the very South of Argentina where also very far away. So he has not seen snow.
All these 3 days, Jairo was my friend and guide. He traveled everywhere with me and helped me. The first day we were on an excursion in Itaipu, then went for dinner in the Centre and see the city. I learned that red beans here is one of the main dishes and her eating is almost always and everywhere.

lunch at one of the sidewalk cafes. in a pot red beans
lunch at one of the sidewalk cafes. in a pot red beans

In the evening we went to the supermarket to buy products. I also was wondering look the prices here. For those who also wonder, will write more. So, 1 dollar approximately 3.85 to Real Madrid. I bought the following products:
1. 450-gram loaf of bread Madrid 3.97
2. 150 grams of cheese-3.48 Real
3. Orange juice 900 ml-6.99 Real
4. Potatoes 1 kg-3.89 Real
5. Eggs-12pcs 3.48 Real

Food prices in Foz do Iguaçu
Food prices in Foz do Iguaçu
Food prices in Brazil
Food prices in Brazil

The next day from these products turned out to be a simple but hearty breakfast. Jairo told and shown how to prepare the traditional drink of Paraguay-terere, who also drink here. This process I recorded on video. Drink really really tasty and healthy. Later, I also decided to go buy yourself a package home.

price per terere
price per terere
drink terere
drink terere

Then we headed to Iguazu falls-that was the main objective of my visit to this city. Here I got a barrage of positive emotions and I have a separate article "Iguazu falls Brazilian side with photos and videos.

Iguazu falls Brazil
Iguazu falls Brazil

On the third day after breakfast, Jairo rode with me in the Center, and had to stop, where I already went to Argentina. The process of how to cross the border from Brazil to Argentina by bus, I described in a separate article.

I can say that with my first experience with kaučserfinga I'm lucky and I was very grateful for his help and Jairo hospitality. Everything was simple and very sincere.

CS gear with Jairo
CS gear with Jairo

An hour later I was already at the bus station of the town of Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, from where the bus I had to travel to Buenos Aires, then in La Plata, where I already was to meet a representative of AIESEC-Agustina. Ahead of me was expecting another 1000 kilometres and 4:00 pm on the way. Continued read the next part.

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