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United States or the United States of America, or just America is a country that many of us have heard since childhood. There is probably in Russia, a man who'd never heard anything about this country. Everyone knows that America once discovered Columbus, but in spite of this, each of us can reopen it for himself. United States includes so many legendary places and cities where you want to go, such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, a City-Casino Las Vegas and many others.

Of the more prominent places, collected from all 50 States, where you can sezdit′ is perhaps the Grand Canyon, the statue of liberty, Niagara Falls and much much more. Many States and cities are attractions in themselves. As an example, Chicago is an architectural capital of America and every skyscraper that is there is an architectural monument.

We have prepared for you some articles that will help you a little better to know this vast country.

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