Pictures of the Grand Canyon from a plane | My flight from Chicago to Los Angeles

Before this times we always flew to New York and further transported overland to see as much as possible.

This time, I decided to fly on a plane from Chicago to Los Angeles, thus struck several States from East to West and did not pity. Oddly enough, but a plane ticket American Airlines cost cheaper than a train ticket on Amtrak or Greyhound bus.

The flight took about 4:00. It turned out that fly over the United States are also very interesting. The plane was flying at an altitude of 9700 m and due to the clear weather, almost the whole flight, could see the ground. Below is a video that I shot during the flight.


Surprisingly interesting it seems America. The first part of the flight is very well seen how in the country tripled the order with the lands and roads. Top-it's more like a geometric sketches. At first we were flying, where everything is clearly divided into squares and rectangles, then there were some circles.

And only then, when we started, views of the canyons, pristine land and desert. Views of the canyons from the top is fantastic. To this end, we have already passed by some of the canyons by train, by car, just on foot, and also flew by helicopter over the Grand Canyon. Beautiful canyons and beautiful from everywhere. Now I can show them photos taken from different angles.

views of the canyons with trains
views of the canyons with trains
views of the canyons from the car
views of the canyons from the car
View of the Grand Canyon from the Earth
View of the Grand Canyon from the Earth
View of the Grand Canyon by helicopter
View of the Grand Canyon by helicopter
View of the Grand Canyon from the Earth
View of the Grand Canyon from the Earth
Grand Canyon, aerial view
Grand Canyon, aerial view

Our landing approach to California, you will notice that the roads and cities here are arranged differently, as more chaotically. Below are a few more photos taken during the flight.

The Grand Canyon in the United States
The Grand Canyon in the United States
Colorado River
Colorado River
the desert of Arizona
the desert of Arizona
mountains of Arizona
mountains of Arizona
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Suburbs Of Los Angeles
Suburbs Of Los Angeles
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