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Singapore is a small country, or rather the City-State, which falls into the category of highly developed countries. Certainly, many have never heard of that country, although it is one of the largest ports in South-East Asia, as well as one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronics, in particular Apple's products.

The country occupies a leading position in the field of safety and health. Also States that in this country there is absolutely no corruption that at one time was a jerk for the development of the country.

Singapore will for the traveler not so big in size country for discoveries and optionally, all major places that State you can visit for 1 times. In our articles you can find out more information about Singapore, prices, levels of living, find out how much Singapore hotels and even where you can spend the night absolutely free.

Articles about Singapore

How to live in Singapore for 4 days and $ 100 where you can set up a tent.

Sightseeing in Singapore or what to see in Singapore for 4 days.

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