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Thailand is a wonderful country, a country which always want to come back. Here are a few reasons why you might fancy.

The Population Of Thailand

Yes, we mean the locals. The majority of Thais, particularly those that are not associated with tourism, usually always affable, smiling and willing to help even if they have to be explained to you on your toes. They really respect each other, don't talk on the low-key and not pushed in the crowd.

the population of Thailand
the population of Thailand

Climate in Thailand

All year from warm weather and heat is normal. Minimum temperatures can reach + 10 c at night in December and January in the North of the country. Where there is sea-bathe all year round.

Nature Thailand

The nature of the country is very diverse and beautiful. Of course there is our forests, through which you will sooner or later, but there are plenty of national parks, waterfalls, animals, beautiful islands with stunning beaches and azure clear water. In some areas the rich underwater world. And high mountains in the North of Thailand and more cool climate.

Nature Thailand
Nature Thailand

Culture Of Thailand

Most of the inhabitants of Buddhists in this country and a lot of very beautiful Buddhist temples. Thailand is a country where people still Revere their traditions that can be seen in churches and even anywhere when, for example, the Thais are doing each other a "Wai" greeting and a sign of respect.

Culture Of Thailand
Culture Of Thailand

Simplicity of life and quality of life in Thailand

In this country are very affordable prices on travel, food, accommodation and much more. Excellent roads and well developed transportation connections between all provinces provide excellent opportunities for travel. The country is very strongly developed shopping, not only in the tourist areas, but everywhere. Here at almost every turn anybody anything fries, sells the chopped fruits, drinks or worth 7Eleven shop where, in comparison with other Asian countries, the most reasonable prices.

Buddha on Koh Samui
Buddha on Koh Samui

Thai food

Thai national food very tasty but spicy and at first look it is impossible. But after a while you get used to and without prefer spicy food becomes very difficult. In addition, there a great number of exotic fruit. One of which is Durian-King of all fruits.

This is of course not everything but the most basic. We hope that the experience which we share with you in our articles, you will come in handy.

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