How to get to Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi islands)

Have you ever dreamed to get the famous Phi Phi Island, where the Hollywood movie "the beach" with Leonardo Dicaprio?

Phi Phi Lei, Maya (maya bay, phi phi)

Phi Phi Lei, Maya (maya bay, phi phi)
Phi Phi Don, Thailand (phi phi don)

Phi Phi Don, Thailand (phi phi don)
the observation deck, Phi Phi Island, Thailand (phi phi don)

the observation deck, Phi Phi Island, Thailand (phi phi don)

If your answer is "Yes", and you have not already done so, we can help you make your dream come closer and tell here about several possible ways of how to get there on their own. By the way the best time to visit these islands since the end of November to may, usually at this time the most calm seas and rain virtually none. And another caveat that even here not without computer graphics and film director tweaked the Bay, making it completely enclosed by rocks, while in fact, it is still not closed completely. Oh well, let's begin …

Phuket Island tour to Koh Phi Phi

It's the easiest, but also the most expensive way to and is suitable only for those, who came to Phuket. I.e. If you came to relax on Phuket, you can simply buy an excursion at one of the many travel agencies, which are very much in the area of PA Tong Beach (Pa Tong). This excursion, for example, a company travel interpreter will cost approximately 1900bat per person. on day 1 and day 2 at 4900bat. You can also take 2 's day trip "3 pearls". Then you Phi Phi also see more about James Bond and Krabi (Mainland). This excursion will cost about 6300bat per person.

The pros of this method that does not need to worry yourself about anything and you will find that thinking and cons that it's still more expensive and most importantly-will not stop such long and most of the time on the road. In my opinion it is better to come to these islands at least a day at 3-4, to relax and a taste of local life, where there are no asphalt roads, cars and motorbikes and people just go walk and ride bicycles.

From the island of Phuket to Koh Phi Phi

This way again for those who come to relax on Phuket. You can take a taxi, better to go early in the morning and drive to Chalong Pier (Chalong pier). There it is best to buy a ticket on the cruise to Phi Phi Island. Tickets cost 300 baht. Journey time approximately 1, 5:00 These liners are usually very large and comfortable, with air conditioning, sofas, cafes and LCD tv.

Hotel on the island of Phi Phi Don can be booked in advance. I recommend using websites or For example, for budget tourists on site booking you can book PP Centerpoint Hostel priced from 550 rubles. And for budget tourists not great option would be, for example, Deluxe Villa with sea view costs from 16000 rubles at Villa 360.

If the drive is not in the new year whether or not the Thai new year in April, then don't be afraid to come to the island without prior booking. Many hotels on the island and you will not be left without shelter. Prices for any client from 400 up to 10000 baht per night. The only thing that might need a basic knowledge of English, although you can explain on the fingers.

Well-you're on the island of Phi Phi Don. But the movie "the beach" was filmed in another, more small island of Phi Phi Lei, in the Bay of Maya Bay (eng. Maya Bay), which is only a couple of kilometres away from the island. On the island there are no and there can come for a few hours, taking a guided tour for 600 baht from local merchants or hire a private boat, agreeing with local boat owners, who always stand near the beach. Price in this case would be 500 baht per hour. This is a good option for large companies, because the boat safely fit 10 people.

Boats on the beach of Phi Phi Don

Boats on the beach of Phi Phi Don

From Pattaya to Phi Phi

For those who came to rest in Pattaya. First-get ready to leave your hotel in the 4-5 or more days. Secondly, you need to get to Bangkok, namely Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal Station (eng. Sai Thai Mai Station). Directly by taxi. Price how to arrange, but this is usually 1500-2000 baht. The most inexpensive way to get to the Pier near Walking Street with ferries to Koh larn. There inside the building of the pier there is a stand where they sell tickets to Minivans to Bangkok, to the central square of Victory monument (Victory Monument). Price 100 baht per person. The journey takes about 2 hours.

When you arrive at the Victory Monument-simply catch a taxi there and tell the driver you need on Sai Tai Mai Station. Trip counter (eng. meter) will cost no more than 200 baht, and if without meter, not more than 400 baht. The station you'd better arrive no later than 4 hours a day, to have tickets in stock. Buses to Krabi and to Phuket ride into the night and depart from 17.30.

To get to Phi Phi Island Krabi and go to more convenient, but also via Phuket. On the 2 floor of the bus terminal is worth a lot of Cass. You need to find the one which is written Krabi. Several shipping companies and Cass, too few. We bought tickets at the box office.

Ticket selling tickets for bus to Krabi

Ticket selling tickets for bus to Krabi

Ticket prices vary depending on the class. About 500 Baht to 1100 baht (per VIP class). Whatever company you didn't buy a ticket, I advise you take the VIP bus because will go all night. In the VIP buses not 32 seats and 24 (eng. 24 seats). And in each row is not on, and 4 for 3 chairs. Thus they are 1.5 times wider than normal, are laid out almost horizontally.

The bus you will be given a Plaid, 2 times pohoduyut and you will have a personal tv with headphones and the Massager in the Chair. In our bus seats were not all VIP, and it was something like business class on an airplane. Then there are the bus was 2-storey, and VIP zone located in front of the 1-St floor and sell 18 Su-30. Besides us there rode another 2 girls, but in general it is for 6 people.

VIP class bus

VIP class bus

So don't get tired. Personally, in our view, such a way to get better than an airplane, because 10:00 in ways still occur at night, and sleep there quite comfortably and safely, while not all sleep on the plane. But it is as convenient.

When you arrive at Krabi bus station, inside a small bus terminal can be bought for 500 baht ticket "taxi to ferry + ferry" (Eng. taxi + boat) to on. Phi Phi Don (Phi Phi Don) and take you to the place. Arriving at the pier, on the way to the boat already hang on the wall images from famous paradise islands, located in the area of Krabi.

Placard with representing of Phi Phi Don

Placard with representing of Phi Phi Don

When otplyvaeš′ from the Mainland, then here is a view of the Krabi offers rather picturesque and it may seem that there is nothing interesting in Krabi.

Around Krabi Pier

Around Krabi Pier

The journey takes about 2 hours. All the way around only the ocean and no Islands. And the water until the bears little resemblance to the one that is shown in the various tourist pamphlets and photographs on the Internet. Just enjoy the expanse of ocean and fresh sea air.

On the way to Phi Phi Island

On the way to Phi Phi Island

And even when you start approaching the island of Phi Phi Don, the picture is not changed. But as soon as the boat begins to bend around the island and sent to the Bay Islands, surrounded by rocks, then you realize that these islands are not in vain have found such fame and popularity among tourists from all over the world. If we talk about us, then we drove around Thailand far and wide, and this place is left in our memory as one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

The cliffs of Phi Phi Don

The cliffs of Phi Phi Don
Chief Pierce island

Chief Pierce island

Welcome to Phi Phi Don!

Welcome to Phi Phi islands

Welcome to Phi Phi islands

And then everything as in the 2-m mode.

Well, that's all. Pleasant journeys.

You can also read another article on these islands "exotic island of Thailand or walk on Phi Phi Island.

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