From Havana airport to city centre

How do I get from the airport to the city of Havana

We flew to Cuba after resting on the wonderful beaches of Cancun in Mexico.

Cancun in Mexico
Cancun in Mexico
Cubana Airlines/Cuban airlines
Cubana Airlines/Cuban airlines
Cuban money
Cuban money

Despite the fact that the distance from Cancun to Havana just 500 km, it is impossible to get on the water only by air. And even though the flight only took 40 minutes, you realize that you fly in any particular country, because in another case, necessarily would have been any watercraft. Plus we flew not on white or at least Green plane, and on the black airline Cubana Airlines. In the plane you will be given simple immigration form, which is enough to fill in the name (First Name), a surname (Last Name), date of birth (date of birth), gender (sex), passport number (passport number), nationality (Nation), country of residence (Resident country), the name of the airline you flew, and flight number. The rest of the field, if you do not carry with them do not need to fill out anything special. Upon arrival, do not rush immediately wait their turn at the customs control, first local Cubans from the other stands will fill you with another white paper in English and in Spanish. Some of them jokingly asking for a tip, you can leave or not at your own discretion.

When passing customs control all ask, have you or your friends/relatives ever Africa and you have only one passport? If you have no such stamp or visa in your Passport, it is better to say no. If there is, then I don't know what will be their next steps, but will likely be forced to undergo medical examination you. After exiting the airport faced with unusual problem, how to get to the city. Usually, if you are flying into the capital of any country, there are always a few ways of how to get to the city and one of them is, as a rule, public transport. Here, there is only one way taxi. There's another option is hitchhiking, but when we arrived it was dark and with a lot of luggage, so we did not consider this option.

Later, I asked the taxi driver "why no buses?" the driver replied, "because it's Cuba." And really, why should they buses, when locals almost never go, and if anyone goes, they are usually someone picks up. By the way money can even change and at the airport. In Cuba the same course and 1 CUC costs approximately the middle of the United States dollar and the euro, i.e. on January 2015 it was 1 euro = 1.2 CUC $1 = 0.87 CUC reach the old town in Havana you can for 25-30 CUC. If you need to immediately go to Varadero, a taxi from the airport will cost 80-100 CUC. Go somewhere 2-2, 5:00. If you are less than 4 persons can save by finding yourself travel companions. But more than 4 persons taxi drivers usually don't put standard machine. I already wrote about other ways how you can get from Havana to Varadero in another article.

Cars in Cuba
Cars in Cuba
Retro machine in Havana
Retro machine in Havana
Cars Of Cuba
Cars Of Cuba
Casa partikular
Casa partikular
Accommodation in Cuba
Accommodation in Cuba
Apartment rental in Cuba
Apartment rental in Cuba

Where to stay in Cuba

We did not want to immediately go to Varadero, and wanted to stay for 1 night in Havana, to see the city. The taxis are easily managed to knock down the price from 30 to 25 CUC. We do not book in advance because the hotel knew beforehand about the possibility to stay in Cuba, in the apartment of the locals or, as it is here called Casa partikular. The price varies from 15 to 35 CUC per night. For 30-35 CUC, you can easily find accommodation directly at the airport, and a taxi will take you there. For 15 CUC actually find, if you'll be walking around the city, ask and bargain.

Another advantage is knowledge of Spanish, as in English, and the more you will realize not all Russian. Spanish we don't yet know, and agreed on a version that offered us our taxi driver for 30 CUC/night. On the way from the airport start evident perfectly preserved vintage cars 50-IES, as well as Russian "zhiguli", "Muscovites" and "see significant balance changes, brought here to the year 1991, all of which are rarer in Russia. While travelling, the driver admitted that he is not very pleased with the President's policy and wants as many other relations with the United States. And while they like and need, and the country has lagged behind other 50 years, however, people here said the cabbie, happy and satisfied. They do not have the Internet because the President does not love him, and there is no advertising companies.

On television broadcasts of all 5 local channels. So people are not imposed on those "values" to which many of us aspire and upset them especially not leaving. Everything here is very similar to the SOVIET UNION. To the apartment we drove 25 minutes. It was on the fourth floor of a four storey building. All Casa partikular which are rented to tourists, have the appropriate blue icon near the House and meet state requirements of comfort. And our apartment was very good dvushkoj with bath, kitchen and living room. In this apartment is quite possible to arrive and then four and out for 15 CUC per couple.

Where to stay in Havana
Where to stay in Havana
Accommodation in Havana
Accommodation in Havana
Casa partikular
Casa partikular

But the view from the window was very exotic. Welcome to Cuba, my friend: =)


Also read our article on how to get from Havana to Varadero.

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