Bug Discovered By Clang Address Sanitizer

battery Fixes bug 40125; bugfix on – Fix one other rendezvous cache unit check that was triggering an underflow on the global rend cache allocation. Minor options (exams, v2 onion services): – Fix a rendezvous cache unit test that was triggering an underflow on the worldwide rend cache allocation. Closes ticket 22668. o Minor options (onion services): – Only overwrite an onion service’s existing hostname file if its contents are fallacious. Closes ticket 40053. – Log listing fetch statistics as a single line. Unix platforms. This should resolve an issue where a relay operator migrates a relay from Windows to Unix, however does not change the road ending of Tor’s numerous state information to match the platform, and the CRLF line endings from Windows find yourself leaking into different information corresponding to the extra-data doc. Implements proposal 315; closes ticket 40132. o Minor options (state administration): – When loading the state file, take away entries from the statefile which have been out of date for a very long time. Implements IPv4 parts of proposal 210 by “mikeperry” and “teor”. Implements proposal 318; closes ticket 40133. – Use the new limitations on subprotocol versions due to proposal 318 to simplify our implementation. Implements ticket 27087. – Use ccache in our Travis CI configuration.

Common battery myths that need to die (You're Doing It All Wrong!) Closes ticket 40041. – When describing a relay in the logs, we now embody its ed25519 id. We now use this mask to keep away from starting up introduction circuit padding once more after the machines have already accomplished. Is your organization consuming open supply software, or is it beginning to contribute to open source tasks? Fixes bug 40028; bugfix on o Minor bugfixes (embedded Tor, backport from – When beginning Tor any time after the first time in a process, register the thread in which it’s running as the principle thread. It fixes numerous bugs in earlier variations of Tor, including some that prevented authorities utilizing Tor 0.2.7.x from working correctly. Fix for 33643. Changes in model – 2020-07-09 Tor 0.4.2.Eight backports various fixes from later releases, together with can flea spray make a dog sick number of that affect usability and portability. Closes ticket 25248. Changes in model – 2018-03-29 Tor contains numerous bugfixes for points found throughout the alpha testing of earlier releases in its series. As a part of this release, the core of proposal 224 has been implemented and is accessible for experimentation and testing by our customers. A part of ticket 40133. o Minor options (testing configuration): – The TestingTorNetwork option no longer implicitly units AssumeReachable to 1. This transformation permits us to check relays’ self- testing mechanisms, and to test authorities’ relay-testing performance.

Closes ticket 33236. o Minor features (relay, IPv6): – Add an AssumeReachableIPv6 option to disable self-checking IPv6 reachability. Tor additionally improves how exit relays and clients handle DNS time-to-stay values, makes listing authorities enforce the 1-to-1 mapping of relay RSA identification keys to ED25519 id keys, fixes a shopper-facet onion service reachability bug, does better at choosing the set of fallback directories, and more. Ordinarily Tor preserves unrecognized entries in order to keep ahead-compatibility, but these entries have not truly been utilized in any release since earlier than 0.3.5.x. Closes ticket 40137. o Minor options (statistics, ipv6): – Relays now publish IPv6-particular counts of single-path versus bidirectional relay connections. Previously we’d tolerate as much as 1.5 connections per relay on common. Closes ticket 5304. o Minor options (relay handle tracking): – We now store relay addresses for OR connections in a extra logical method. Closes ticket 40159. – Provide more complete descriptions of our connections when logging about them. Now we tolerate extra connections for directory authorities, and increase the number of total connections we need to see before we warn. Fixes bug 40020; bugfix on o Minor bugfixes (relay, usability): – Adjust the foundations for when to warn about having too many connections to other relays.

Fixes bug 33361; bugfix on o Minor bugfixes (shopper efficiency, backport from – Resume use of preemptively-constructed circuits when UseEntryGuards is ready to 0. We accidentally disabled this characteristic with that config setting, leading to slower load occasions. A part of ticket 33643. o Minor bugfix (CI, Windows, backport from – Use the correct 64-bit printf format when compiling with MINGW on Appveyor. Closes ticket 27246. o Minor features (OpenSSL): – When attainable, use RFC5869 HKDF implementation from OpenSSL relatively than our personal. Closes ticket 18895. o Minor features (code security): – In our integer-parsing functions, be certain that maxiumum worth we give is not any smaller than the minimal worth. Closes ticket 32191. o Minor features (geoip): – Update geoip and geoip6 to the November 6 2019 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database. Closes ticket 33222. o Minor options (specification update): – Several fields in microdescriptors, router descriptors, and consensus documents that had been formerly non-obligatory are actually required. We now track the “canonical deal with” elsewhere for the circumstances where we’d like it, and depart the connection’s tackle alone.

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