Golf Ball? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

This gives a perfect travel line for the ball to reach the cup / hole. Golf Direct Now is the perfect place to find high-quality golf balls for your next round. The B RXS also performed very well in windy conditions, which has been a strength of Bridgestone golf balls throughout the years. Additionally, the B RXS offers incredible feel off the putter and, overall, is one of the better looking golf balls on the market from an aesthetics standpoint. Aimed at those in search of a higher flight and more spin with a slightly firmer feel than the Pro V1, the latest Pro V1x has already been seen out on the professional circuit, with PGA Tour winner, Will Zalatoris, describing his decision to switch into it as “a no brainer”. The X version of the RB Tour also has a 3-piece construction, but it features an ultra soft urethane cover and a new dimple design that should deliver a higher flight off the tee and a flatter trajectory with the wedges.

Billed as a model that will suit all levels of player, Callaway says it has enhanced every component and design feature in the Chrome Soft and, one such example, is the new ‘Elastic SoftFast Core’. It comes as no surprise to us that top professionals like Jon Rahm and Sam Burns use the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball. The Maxfli Tour X might come as a surprise on this list but it is an exceptional golf ball in terms of performance, especially when considering its price point. In our testing, The Tour B RX excelled in terms of the long game distance it provided, including a powerful, piercing trajectory on driver shots. Certainly, it’s one of the best Bridgestone golf balls on the market, with it excelling around the greens in terms of the spin and control. What’s more, it is slightly cheaper than other premium models, making it arguably one of the best mid price golf balls on the market. In testing, this gave us the greatest carry over the other models, as the slightly firmer core produced more ball speed.

Well, on initial inspection, we thought it felt and looked different to other premium models, with the Xtreme providing more of a ‘pearly’ white aesthetic. Also on the task list are a couple more sound effects, with the goal being one sound effect for each important event or action in the game. This was also the case in the iron portion of the game, with the last notable point being the strength of the ball flight. With the driver, we felt it produced a high launch and relatively low spin combination which gave us good distance although, that being said, if you want a premium ball for out and out distance from Callaway, you would probably be better off with the Chrome Soft X or LS models. On average, it had a 1˚ higher launch angle off the tee, almost 10 feet of extra flight and six yards more carry. It is the lower launching and lower spinning of the two new Mizuno models and, with the driver, irons and wedges, it delivered on this claim, as we saw a powerful, penetrating ball flight that will suit all conditions when you’re tackling the course.

In testing, that was certainly the case, with the X offering a little more distance off the tee from a higher flight. In the long game, however, it exceeded all expectations by offering ample distance off the tee and on full iron shots. The Tour X also delivers impressive distance on full iron shots and its cover scores high marks for durability. High compression balls are best for players who swing fast. Finally, we have confidence in saying that this is one of the best Callaway golf balls on the market, especially if you are a player who has a fast swing speed. As a golf lover, you must have collected all kinds of cheap custom golf balls tips to improve your game. Featuring an inner core which has been made 44% bigger, the main stand-out came in the long game department, with the Pro V1x providing a slightly higher flight, modest reduction in spin and a noticeable bump in ball speed.

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